light shower track 25W

light shower track 25W

light shower track 25W



  • Power consumption : 25W
  • Input voltage : 220V(210V~270V) ,50~60Hz
  • Total flux : 1,550(lm)
  • Illuminance(1m) : 2,890(lux)
  • CRI : 80RA
  • CCT : 6000K,3000K
  • IP level : IP67
  • Weight : 1kg
  • PF : 0.9 PF
  • Operation temperature : -20℃~40℃


1. Advanced LED Wall-washer Lighting, Made in Korea

– A special lens was applied.

– No Glare, Selfie is good because high uniformity of illuminance

– IP67, Perfect Waterproof, Moisture Proof

– white, Warm white, R/G/B


2. Used High quality aluminum (AL6063) extruded heat sink used

– Our original designed heat sink, Domestic processing

– Quality and heat dissipation efficiency are much higher than Chinese die casting method.

– It can be used in high humidity and high salinity coastal area because it does not rust almost

due to high quality AL6063 and Coating treatment.


[ AL6063 Extrusion heat sink ]


3. Used High quality LED, PolyCarbonate , PCB & the Other Component 

– Most of the products are Samsung LED or Cree LED, and a few are using Osram LED.

We do not use Chinese LEDs.

– Use high-quality PC materials that are also used for automotive headlights.

Therefore, there is no yellowing caused by UV, and it is not broken well.

– We mainly use FR4 PCB of large and reliable company.



4. Proven quality

– We have been in lighting business for more than 9 years,

start work for ships working light

– Cumulative sales of 600,000 units, exported to Japan, Dubai, Italy and Norway

– Antarctica Sejong Station, Norwegian Salmon Farm, Dubai Oil Reservoir

POSCO Pohang Factory, Hyundai Motor Ulsan Factory

– Defective rate 0.27%


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