Premium LED Sport Light DC24V 150W Flood Light

Premium LED Sport Light DC24V 150W Flood Light

Sports & Big space DC24V150W



  • Power consumption : 150w
  • Input voltage : DC24V
  • Total flux : 15,122(lm)
  • Illuminance(1m) : 5,125
  • CRI : 80RA
  • CCT : 6000K,3000K
  • IP level : IP68
  • Weight : 5kg
  • PF : 0.9 PF
  • Operation temperature : -50℃~55℃


 EGM Tech’s floodlight uses international patented sealing technology.

And it has high durability that is 100% waterproof, moisture proof and dustproof.


It supports various light distribution of one side 20 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees

60 degrees, 120 degrees.


High efficiency total reflection By applying individual lens, we minimize glare and

increase light transmission rate to the highest level.



1. World-class sealing (waterproof, moisture-proof) technology

– Waterproof, moisture proof Technical description

– US Patent, Korean Patent 1, Korean Patent 2




2. Used High quality aluminum (AL6063) extruded heat sink used

– Our original designed heat sink, Domestic processing

– Quality and heat dissipation efficiency are much higher than Chinese die casting method.


– It can be used in high humidity and high salinity coastal area because it does not rust almost

due to high quality AL6063 and film treatment.


[ AL6063 Extrusion heat sink ]



3. Proven quality

– Floodlight businedd 8 years, start work for ships working light

– Cumulative sales of 600,000 units, exported to Japan, Dubai, Italy and Norway

– Antarctica Sejong Station, Norwegian Salmon Farm, Dubai Oil Reservoir

POSCO Pohang Factory, Hyundai Motor Ulsan Factory



4. Excellent light distribution design, lighting simulation

– High light transmittance, high efficiency and very little glare.


We provide optimal lighting simulations for installation guides that are best suited to your needs.



[ Using high efficiency total reflection lens ]


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